Letter Of Confirmation Of Residence

Upcoming October 19, 2015 Canadian Federal Election

Creating Awareness Of Anishinabe Traditions

“What is a letter of confirmation of residence? How can I get one?

This letter is a piece of ID you can use to prove your address, if one of these living situations applies to you:

-you live on a First Nations reserve or in an Inuit hamlet
-you are a student living on campus
-you live in a seniors’ residence, long-term care facility or shelter
-you live on the streets, but use the services of a shelter or soup kitchen.

You can get this letter from the administrator of a First Nations band or reserve, an Inuit local authority, a student residence, seniors’ residence, long-term care facility, shelter or soup kitchen.

If you can, print the letter of confirmation of residence form and ask the administrator to complete it and sign it. We will also accept a letter from the administrator that is printed on the letterhead of the…

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Rolling River First Nation 2015 Salaries-Travel Expenses-Honoraria

Consolidated Schedule Of Salaries, Honoraria, Travel Expenses And Other Renumeration Paid To Chief And Council.

Year Ending March 31, 2015.


Rolling River First Nation 2015 Audit

Rolling River First Nation

Consolidated Financial Statements

Year Ending March 31, 2015


S. 163: Avonte’s Law Act of 2015

More information can be found here.

S. 163: Avonte’s Law Act of 2015

And to support a petition, you can help here.

Pass Senator Schumer’s legislation “Avonte’s Law”



Advance Version – UN Report on Canada

UN human rights committee slams Canada for record on women.

UN also cites failure to set up effective procedures for responding to its criticisms.